City Council Meeting June 17, 2014 at 7:00 pm

1) Flag Salute

2) Public Comments

3) Consent Calendar

     a) Approval of the minutes of June 3, 2014

     b) Acceptance of the May Check Register

     c) Acceptance of the May Combined Cash Report

     d) Approval of the annual OLCC license renewals for 7-Eleven Store #2363-17090C, Bassett-Hyland Energy Company, Bayshore Chevron, Benetti’s Italian Restaurant, Best Western Holiday Motel, Blue Heron Bistro, Blue Moon Saloon and Café, Coos Bay Grocery Outlet, Coney Station, Dave’s Pizza, Eagles Lodge #538, Fred Meyer, Gooney’s Sports Bar, Kum Yon’s Restaurant, Margarita’s Mexican Grill, Puerto Vallarta Restaurant, Safeway Store #1556, and Sharkbites Seafood Café.

4) New Council Business

5) Presentation of an Appreciation Plaque for Steve Metz

6) Consideration of Appointments to the Library Board

7) Appointments to the South Coast Community Foundation Board of Directors

8) Approval of Appointment of Doug Wuerth as a Coos Bay Representative to the Coos County Library Board

9) Presentation of the Semi-Annual Report by the Downtown Association Manager Katherine Hayes

10) Presentation of the Semi-Annual Bay Area Chamber Activity Report by Chamber President Pam Plummer

11) Public Hearing to Consider an Ordinance Regulating Smoking on City Boardwalks and in City Pavilions – Approval will Require Enactment of the Proposed Ordinance

12) Public Hearing to Consider Approval of Amendment to Resolution 14-12 for the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Budget – Approval will Require Adoption of Resolution 14-12 Amendment

13) Approval of Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Cities Campaign – Approval Will Require Adoption of Resolution 14-14

14) Approval of an Easement Acquisition for the Empire Boulevard Newmark Street – Wisconsin Avenue Multi-Modal Transportation Improvement Project – Approval will Require Adoption of Resolution 14-13

15) Consideration of Approval for an Emergency Mechanical Bar Screen Replacement for Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 1

16) Approval of Purchase of New Pumps for Pump Stations Number 12 and 13

17) Approval of 2014-2017 IAFF Collecting Bargaining Agreement

18) Appointments of City Council Committees

19) City Attorney’s Report

20) City Manager’s Report

21) Council Comments

22) Adjourn