City Council Meeting March 01, 2016 at 7:00 pm

1)    Flag Salute

2)    Public Comments 

3)    Consent Calendar
       a)    Approval of the minutes of February 16, 2016
       b)    Adoption of Resolution 16-02 a supplemental budget approving a Coos Bay/North Bend Water Board Empire Boulevard water line project loan 
       c)    Adoption of Resolution 16-03 accepting a City County Insurance Services (CIS) job analysis grant award
       d)    Approval of a Pedestrian Crosswalk Enforcement Grant
4)    New Council Business

5)    Continuation of a Public Hearing to Consider a Proposed Ordinance to Vacate a Portion of Pennsylvania Avenue - Approval will Require Enactment of the Draft Ordinance

6)    Continuation of Negotiations of Contract for Operations, Maintenance, and Management of Sewer Treatment & Collection System by Public Works Director Jim Hossley

7)    Consideration of Approval of Local Improvement District (LID) Options – Approval will Require Adoption of Resolution 16-04

8)    Approval of a Contract for Information Technology (IT) Services by Finance Director Susanne Baker

9)    Review of  Development Code Impacts on Marijuana Dispensaries by Community Development Director Eric Day

10)    Approval of a Work Order for Engineering Design and Construction Services for Repair of West Park Road by Public Works Director Jim Hossley

11)    City Attorney’s Report

12)    City Manager’s Report

13)    Council Comments 

14)    Adjourn