City Council Meeting October 20, 2015 at 7:00 pm

1)    Flag Salute

2)    Public Comments 

3)    Consent Calendar
       a)    Approval of the minutes of October 6, 2015
       b)    Acceptance of the September Check Register
       c)    Acceptance of the September Combined Cash Report
       d)    Approval of a New Outlet Full On-Premises OLCC license for Spotlight Country Bar and Lounge LLC
       e)    Ratify Appointment of Joanne Moss to the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee
4)    New Council Business

5)    Public Hearing to Consider Becoming Part of a Certified Local Government Program

      a.    Approval of a Proposed Ordinance Establishing a Historic Preservation Process – Approval will Require Enactment of the Draft Ordinance

      b.    Approval of a Proposed Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 456 Design Assistance Team – Approval will Require Enactment of the Draft Ordinance

6)    Approval to Accept the HEAL Grant – Approval will Require Adoption of Resolution 15-20

7)    Consideration of Approval on Additional Expenditure for the New Extended Services Office (ESO) Truck by Public Works Director Jim Hossley

8)    Discussion of the Nutwood Local Improvement District (LID)

9)    Discussion of the City of Coos Bay’s Logo

10)    City Attorney’s Report

11)    City Manager’s Report

12)    Council Comments 

13)    Adjourn