City Council Meeting November 17, 2015 at 7:00 pm

1)    Flag Salute

2)    Public Comments 

3)    Consent Calendar
       a)    Approval of the minutes of November 3, 2015
       b)    Acceptance of October Check Register
       c)    Acceptance of October Combined Cash Report
       d)    Approval of the ODOT Seat Belt Enforcement Grant
4)    New Council Business

5)    Presentation of the Library Strategic Plan by Library Director Sami Pierson

6)    Approval of 4th Street Traffic Control Striping Plan from Anderson Avenue to Golden Avenue by Public Works Director Jim Hossley

7)    Discussion of Tiered High Strength Wastewater Rates by Public Works Director Jim Hossley

8)    City Attorney’s Report

9)    City Manager’s Report

10)    Council Comments 

11)    Adjourn