Parks Commission May 12, 2016 at 12:00 pm

1)    Call to Order – Roll Call – Approval of Minutes –

2)    Citizen Input / Public Comment – Quests regarding the exercise equipment are Don Hynes and  Carol Davis, who will be taking the reins for Mr. Hynes.

3)    New Business –   

  • John Topits – Exercise Equipment:  Council accepted the Coquille Tribal Community Fund Grant for the exercise equipment. The City Manager would like the Parks Commission to select what pieces to purchase with the available funds (grant + donations) Don Hynes would like to step back from the project and is going fishing.  

4)    Old Business - 

  • Canadian Geese – ODFW
  • Furry Friends – Memorial Bench - Randy notified Connie that the project had been accepted, and the Parks Commission is very pleased. Randy will contact with cost and coordination of plaque. 
  • Status of Mingus Pool project (Randy)
  • Update on Boardwalk Master Plan (Christine)
  • Choshi Gardens (Japan sock decoration (Bev)
  • Update status on FEMA/FHWA Projects

5)    Commissioner’s Closing Comments

6)    Adjournment