Parks Commission March 24, 2016 at 4:00 pm

1.    Call to Order- Roll Call

2.    New Business-    Developing Boardwalk/City Dock's Master Plan Continue to Move Forward

  • Comparisons to other similar marinas

3.     Old Business (recap)

  • Boardwalk/ City Docks (SU-1) The boardwalk and city docks were constructed  in 1989 which also includes leasing the dock space from the Department  State Land.   The City obtaining  o>vnership of the top wearing surface of the asphalt  trail that is adjacent to the boardwalk.  The City docks are equipped to accommodate short term and long term moorage of various size vessels.
  • Existing Park Asset & Amenities: Boardwalk & City Dock: 2.25 Acres; 30 Moorage Rental Space; 8-day use; 1500 LF boarding floats; 312 Transient tie-ups; fish market; 3 structures; benches; 2 access ramps; fenced; electrical hook ups; tug display.
  • Linear/Trails: Corridors ofland that connect parks and resources providing public access to trails and their surrounding  areas.  May include developed or natural areas where the primary facility is trail.
  • Downtown Waterfront Park:
  1. Consider expanding pedestrian access along waterfront area.
  2. Evaluate the possibilities for expanding docks by acquiring property from the Department of State Lands.
  3. Add dock that can accommodate 10 to 20 boats.
  4. Keep bushes and trees low to not block the bay view.
  • Recommended  improvements:
  1. Update Master Plan
  2. Replace board surface with maintenance :li'iendly smface
  3. Install retaining wall/footing at the entry to the boardwalk.
  4. Reinstall brick to be level with boardwalk
  5. Install new flag pole and light system
  6. Landscape trail slope in front of the boardwalk
  7. Rehab boardwalk structures
  8. Install new doe ramp access
  9. Expand moorage slips
  10. Install floating restroom/shower  off dock
  11. Install fishing pier off boardwalk
  12. Resurface asphalt trail

4.     Closing Comments

5.     Adjournment