Parks Commission September 20, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Call to Order – Roll Call – Approval of the July 14th Minutes (Meeting of August 8th was not an official meeting; therefore, no minutes but Bev was kind enough to jot down the highlights.

“Randy showed us location- South end of lake off Hull Rd. in huge field lined with tree. To the South of restrooms.... trees all around, a bit SW of playground equip....but seem like workable location.  Plans: to dig out a bit, still above winter lake level, to level and fill correctly for equipment.... Make curb cut & ramp and the special handicap parking spaces needed toward equipment.  *will also redo children’s' play area with new curbing to replace pressure treated wood that is there. Hope to make this a 'Unit' into the Park.   Rest of park updates will continue over the years.  I suggested to leave a mowing strip around curbing for blackberries and brush to be controlled via mowing machine instead of 'hand cut and hauled.' Sun will move East to West over tall trees - leaving noon o'clock...full sun - wind off the lake from the North.  It is very sheltered from the South. ...view of SWOCC to East.  While waiting for meeting we saw 3 people doing some stretching before their walk.  And as a group we listened to Randy's explanation about the Homeless in the Parks. He told of Coos Bay Police, SCBEC and City Crew doing a walk around- into rid the Tents.  He thought it would be good to have Cities -North Bend, Coos Bay and Coos County join into a group to try to ...instead of just 'moving them' is to try to figure something out...... The sun was out, slight breeze.  We all continued to talk.  The parking lot was full of people to walk their dogs and the folks that were fishing. I was pleased to see all the people in the park ....but there was litter in the grass.”

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Christine would like to continue to encourage everyone to visit our parks and bring back an assessment of your findings.

·    Update on Projects – 
1.    Mingus Pool Project (Status Report)
2.    Empire Lakes Exercise Equipment (Status Report)
3.    Empire Lakes Bridge Replacement (Status Report) 

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