Tree Board Meeting April 23, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Call to Order – Roll Call – Approval of the February 4, 2015 Minutes

Citizen Input / Public Comment –


New Business – 

  • 1171 Elrod – Daniel & Kristin Rodrigues - Location is actually east of 1171 at the now vacant lot of 1137 Elrod. 
  • 1913 N 8th – Approximately 60 feet west of N 8th in Nutwood ROW.  Property owner feels trees are dangerous.  Jon’s site investigation stated that there is 1 dead Cedar tree at this time and will be removed as time and budget allows.
  • 1562 Lakeshore Dr – Charles Henson – Tree under power line.  The other trees I would like to remove to clean up lot and get ready to prep site in future. Trees Inc and wires were not a power conductor. Jon stated that trees appear safe and no reason to remove.
  • 515 N Wasson – James & Laura Hillar – Trees are leaning toward fence & house.  Jon’s site visit notes were two pine trees are leaning towards house & roots are starting to pull up in ground.  Recommends removal.
  • 342 S Marple – Lisa Fisher – Lattin Row approx. 50’ west of Marple is now rotten and breaking apart.  Jon’s recommendation is to remove tree.
  • F.Y.I. - 1191 Michigan Ave – Guadalupe Cervera – Asking permission to trim/cut branches that are touching her roof.

Board Member Comments

Meeting will adjourn at 5:00 p.m.