Tree Board Meeting September 28, 2017 at 12:00 pm

The meeting will be held in the City Hall Council Chambers, 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay

1. Call to Order – Roll Call

2. Citizen Input / Public Comment – **Public comments limited to 10 minutes.

3. New Business – 

Welcome our guest, Aaron Anderson, arborist with Wright Tree Service for PP&L

Tree Removal Requests:

  • Gene Poore – 567 13th Court.  Tree is on north side of 13th Avenue.  Tree is dying.  Staff’s recommendation is to remove dead or dying cedar trees at abutting property owner’s expense.
  • Dennis Hanson – 655 S Cammann St.  Old large alder is leaning towards house.  Staff’s recommendation:  Trees have a heavy ivy growth & are starting to lean.  Strong northerly winds could topple trees.  Recommend City to remove 3 affected alders.
  • City of Coos Bay – 1085 Lockhart (on S 11th frontage) Tree has been topped by utility also growing in to travel lane and blocking storm ditch.  Staff recommendation it to remove tree and remove interference with the ROW.
  • City of Coos Bay – Mingus Park across from 461 N 11th.  Tree is dying and will become unsafe.  Staff recommendation is to remove tree to eliminate danger to public.
  • Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery – Cedar tree has died and will become a safety issue.  Staff’s recommendation is to remove tree.
  • Peter Stys by Don Walden – 1308 Central (N13th ROW) between Central & Commercial.  Property owner is worried the tree is losing branches and dropping debris and they want to reroof their home.  An arborist, Patrick Myers, recommends girdling the ivy and removing branches.  Staff’s recommendation is to follow arborist’s recommendations.
  • 317 3rd Ct - Dead Maple that has branches hanging over the street and concerned for safety.  Staff’s site visit confirmed the tree was dead and needs to be removed by abutting property owner. There is also a Madrone covered in Ivy.  It will eventually kill the tree, if not already. 
  • 361 E St has a dead a cedar that needs to be removed by abutting owner.


5. Board Member / STAFF Comments

6. Meeting will adjourn at 1 p.m. 

**  Jon will be meeting with Pacific Power re franchise agreement and city ordinance regarding tree topping.  This was clearly done in the past and the group of trees need to be removed at their expense.  

Pacific Power – Myrtle ROW between Juniper & Cottonwood.  Trees are in the way of service trucks to replace utility pole.  Improper trimming has destroyed trees.  Staff’s recommendation is to remove 2 alders and 1 spruce tree at Myrtle & Juniper.

Scott Knowles – 1993 Cottonwood Ave.  Location of trees (6) in alley (undeveloped portion of Myrtle.  Branches growing into yard.  Previously topped trees under powerlines (PP&L not removing since old topping)