Tree Board Meeting April 05, 2018 at 12:00 pm

The meeting will be held at 12:00 p.m. in the City Hall Conference Room located at 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay, OR

1. Call to Order – Roll Call

2. Citizen Input / Public Comment – **Public comments limited to 10 minutes.

3. New Business

  • Mingus Park Sanitary Sewer Construction Impact
  • Market Ave Plantings - Rex

Tree Removal Requests:

  • 465 N 3rd Ct – Annette Tiderman (tree is actually located at 460 N 3rd Ct) .Feels tree has gotten too big & is a safety issue.  Wants to trim tree.  Jon did a site investigation and allow trimming of tree by certified arborist to city standard.

  • 908 S 5th St – Benjamin Cordes.  Inspect the health of the cherry tree.  Appears to be diseased and damaged.
    Tree Removal for a dying Maple Tree in Mingus Park.  Jon has addressed

  • 1349 Highland Ave (north east corner) – Nicole Zyta-Stacey. Almost entire tree is being suffocated by Ivy.  Est. Height 200’. Once it dies, it will take out our entire house & personal property.  Debris and pitch is causing damage & destroying our vehicles. During storms, there are long tree limbs that fall in our driveway.  We consider this an extreme safety hazard.

  • 574 Hall Ave (2 trees) – Lori Lemire DMD – unhealthy and unsightly.  Disease and numerous cankers and misshapen from numerous years of pruning by the power company.  These trees are continually causing the sidewalk to lift.

  • 942 S 5th St – Marilyn Wilson – Could be rotten and trunk had a hole in it.  Jon authorized removal.  Steve Holmes will evaluate the 2nd tree

  • 1390 Washington – Robert Jenkins – 2 trees on the westside of house and 2 trees on the south.  Dangerous.  Jon inspected tree

  • 321 S 5th St – Jane Goularte – Request to trim trees.  Randy shared with her the cities’ ordinance and would need a ROW permit if she intended to stage in the Bennett St Parking lot


5. Board Member / Staff Comments

6. Meeting will adjourn at 1 p.m.