Tree Board Meeting May 09, 2019 at 12:00 pm

The meeting will be held in the City Hall conference room, 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay, OR 


1. Call to Order – Roll Call – April 5, 2018 and November 8, 2018

2. Citizen Input / Public Comment – **Public comments limited to 10 minutes.

3. New Business – Tree Removal Requests: 

     4/29 – 942 S 5th –1st Cherry removed by power company because the tree had split.  This is the remaining cherry tree that appears to be in poor shape.  

     4/24 – 229 N Main – Hazardous tree.  Roots were separating from the ground.  Pacific Power agreed to have their tree contractor remove the top to make it safe.  City hired Patrick Myers to remove the remainder of the tree.

     4/15 – 375 N Wasson – Tree in alleyway has limbs that are snapping and it is leaning toward the house.  Steve Holmes Tree Service has looked at this tree and determined that it needs to have some branches removed.  Overall, the tree is still healthy and will be left in place.

     3/27 – 608 S Wasson – Homeowner didn’t want to wait for tree board because he had access to a chipper that Saturday, 3/30.  Jon did a site visit had permitted the dangerous Alder at corner of Webster & Wasson.  Ring Ivy as needed from remaining trees and cut        back brush.  ROW has a creek at the bottom.

     1/11 – 2395 N 10th – abutting N 10th at Underwood. Dangerous trees.  One has already fallen.  Another tree is leaning towards the house.  Remaining trees have rotten centers.  Authorized removal for safety.

     12/31 – 350 S Cammann – tree roots have destroyed sidewalk plus tree has a lot of rot.  Remove tree as part of sidewalk repair.  Alder tree is rotting and is unsafe.

4. OLD BUSINESS –  After the Fact  -  City Property

     12/21 - John Topits Park – Tree has split and is a danger to public.  Dangerous tree next to pathway.  To be removed immediately.

     10/22 - Lower Lake of John Topits Park – Marker #17.  Hazardous tree leaning into another tree across trail.  Remove hazardous tree to make safe for public.

     7/17 – Frisbee Golf Course-Mingus Park.  Top broke out of the tree and is still in the air.  Life safety to public.  Remove tree to make safe.

     5/18 – John Topits Park – Hazardous tree in danger of falling on trail.  Required removing.  2nd tree also.  Remove tree to eliminate danger to public.


6. Meeting will adjourn at 1pm.