Tree Board Meeting August 14, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Call to Order – Roll Call – Approval of Minutes – April 4, 2013

Unfinished Business:

Review suggested updates to the Tree List that were submitted by Rex Miller and Jake Robinson

New Business:

Requests for Removal:

1. 393 N Wall – Warren & Glenice Gatlin

Roots of tree are interfering with plumbing, needles dropping, wind storms causing branches to come down. Staff did a site inspection and reported that it is an old spruce tree and subject to losing branches in a wind storm. It is very close to water and storm/sanitary lines. Recommend removal of the tree.

2. After the fact: 1608 Margaretta – Jennifer Andrews

Dangerous tree has three stems and is showing signs of rot in center. This is a bull pine and one stem is hanging over house. Authorized removal at 10:15am on 5/16/13

3. After the fact: 766/784 SW Boulevard – Steve & Melinda Hasel

Large mature Myrtle tree that has been cut back at one time and now is 50-60 ft. There are dead branches and other branches that are leaning towards a nearby home. They reported the tree to be unhealthy. It is undetermined if tree is in ROW. After further investigation, two trees are involved. The tree farther east belongs to owners and the other tree is in the ROW. It has been agreed by both parties that limbing will be done by the City.

4. 1189 Park Ave – Sheri Banes

Homeowner feels tree is unsafe and should come down. Staff has completed a site inspection. Alder tree was trimmed by PP&L contractor, Trees, Inc. Ivy was removed. Staff recommends tree stays at this time.

5. 235 Anderson – City of Coos Bay

Removal of remaining trees between 2nd & 3rd due to rot at base. One tree blew over and others are ready to do same. Staff recommends removing dangerous trees and replanting with suitable approved species.

6. After the fact: Mingus Park – City of Coos Bay

Unsafe. High winds had tipped a tree causing roots to pull from the ground. Staff recommends immediate removal ordered. Tree was removed 06/07/13.

7. 2185 Pine/25th – City of Coos Bay

A dangerous tree, a Douglas Fir. It is 90’. Top is ready to break out. See arborist report.

8. 1155 and 1165 Newmark – Owner of buildings is requesting the removal of streetscape trees as they are blocking the signage of multiple businesses.

9. 100 Block of South 4th – City of Coos Bay street tree. Tree is dying and needs to be replaced. This is adjacent to US Bank.

Board Member Comments