Tree Board Meeting December 05, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Call to Order – Roll Call – Approval of minutes for April 4 and August 14, 2013

Unfinished Business:

New Business:

  • Letter of Concern – 603 S 11th St – Jeffery Reese. Asking the city to evaluate a few Maples for historic and aesthetic impact as located in an older historic neighborhood. Recently topped due to the protection of power lines. Asking for the trees to be cut back to restore some balance. Staff completed a site inspection. The way the trees were trimmed has left a saddle in the tops of the trees. Recommends it go before the Tree Board
  • Across from 806 9th Ave – Joe Stoneburg – Removal request for a fir tree in the island separating two levels of 9th Ave between H and I. The tree has grown sideways seeking light and now leans over the roadway. It has gotten worse this past summer. NW winds could bring tree down. Staff has completed site inspection with findings that the tree is unsupported and it could come down with summer winds. Recommends removal.
  • 1165 Ferguson – Ralph Mohr. He has an 80-yr old Maple he would like to save but there are issues with the sidewalk.

Life Safety – 286 N 11th St – Rashell Baker. Tree is lifting sidewalk at a fast pace. Staff did site inspection and it is scheduled for removal. See photos

Tree in ROW - City of Coos Bay – Tree located across from 583 N Marple. Staff review and recommendation to remove tree immediately to remove risk to public. Scheduled for removal Monday, October 28th.

1030 N 10th Ct. – Richard & Wendy Rudder – Need of Attention. Old, diseased hazardous tree. Requesting assistance. Staff has completed site inspection and found a couple of branches that are broken but were still in tree. Staff removed with no further action required at this time.