Tree Board Work Session March 11, 2016 at 12:00 pm

  1. Call to Order – Roll Call – Approve Minutes of December 17th, January 29th       
  2. Citizen Input / Public Comment – **Public comments limited to 10 minutes.
  3. New Business – 
    • Introduction of the new tree board member representing the Downtown Association.  Welcome aboard to Elizabeth-Claire “EC” Knox.
    • Requests for Tree Removals:
      • 460 N 3rd Ct – Staff will contact an arborist come out to assess.
      • 625 Commercial – Refuge Church requests a tree to be trimmed.  Tree interfering with power lines. I forwarded request to Trees Inc.
      • 338 8th Ave – Fir tree on east side of property possibly in 8th Ct ROW.  Feels tree is dying and unsafe.  Staff report states the Fir has split trunk and broken top.  The tree is stressed and is likely to fall in the future.  Unsure of property line but city ordinance leaves removal to abutting property owner.
      • 1090 N 10th Ct – Suspect interior of tree is rotting from previous limb failure.  Staff report states tree shows signs of rot and other damage.  Remove at applicants expense.
      • 491 16th Ave – Six large trees in ROW in creek/alley.  Property owner is concerned that the trees are unstable and the creek is undermining the trees’ roots.  Staff will have an arborist come out and assess.
      • 1134 Coos River Hwy – One tree has fallen on home and others are in danger of doing so.  Staff review recommendation was to remove the Maple trees in ROW at abutting property owner expense per arborist recommendation.  Emergency removal approved by Jon Eck.
    • Map with list of Approved trees for Downtown District Zone
    • Map with list of Approved trees for Newmark Ave District Zone
    • Map with list of Approved trees for Empire Blvd District Zone
    • Continued:  Creation of an Urban Forestry Plan – Begin moving forward on the species distribution & plant selection for each zone.  
    • Revising and Updating Ordinance/Policy to include Urban Forestry.  
    • Reviewing Chapter 8 of the CBMC.  This is the time for making additions i.e. permits; planting; maintenance; removal; protection of trees; appeals.  Begin looking at similar municipalities with forestry plans for comparison.
    • Tree Assessment Zone 2 & 3
  5. Board Member Comments
  6. Meeting will adjourn at 1 p.m.