Tree Board Work Session January 05, 2017 at 12:00 pm

The meeting will be held in the City Hall Conference Room

  1. Call to Order – Roll Call – Approve Minutes of June 3rd   
  2. Citizen Input / Public Comment – **Public comments limited to 10 minutes.
  3. New Business – Introduction of newly appointed tree board member:  Brian Allen.  He is with The Dyer Partnership.  

          Skip Shipman is now located in Roseburg but when he is available; he will be attending the meetings.  In his absence, Don Garnett will be his representative.  

After the fact – City Approved:

  • 5/31 - 400 Anderson Ave - US Bank parking lot improvements.  All removals private property
  • 6/02 – 212 S 5th – Banner Bank – Tree Branches rubbing against exterior wall & roof.  Pat Myers will trim per discussion with Jon Eck.
  • 6/03 – City of Coos Bay – Empire Blvd south of Lattin.  Spruce tree is in scope of work for street widening and will be severely damaged by excavation.  Authorized contractor, Patrick Meyers,  to remove tree.
  • 6/09 – 19801/2 N 14th – Four trees are leaning and could fall into traffic as they front Koosbay Blvd.  Arborist determined to pose safety risk.  Authorized removal on 6/9/16 for safety. Patrick Meyers to do removal.
  • 6/21 – 1095 Garfield – Dangerous tree growing out of rotting stump.  Abutting property owner to remove tree at his expense. 
  • 10/19 – 700 N 8th St – Birch ROW NW corner.  Abutting 625 Birch Ave & 615 Birch Ave.  Trees appear to be on private property.  Home owner to remove trees as needed.  No action necessary.
  • 11/10 – 1049 N Johnson – Sun Building – Tree has grown around Pacific Power Pole and is putting stress on pole and guide wire.  Contractor was granted permission to remove tree.
  • 11/14 – City of Coos Bay - NW Corner of Anderson & 5th – Tree has rotten trunk and in danger of falling.  Tree is too close to intersection.  Remove tree and fill well.  

Tree Removal Requests:

  • 640 Newmark – Empire Mercantile/ Shawn Frost– Tree needs to be trimmed.  Encroaching Newmark to the point where customers have hit and torn branches from the tree.  We are having a full façade remodel done very soon and the tree is touching the canopy.  The new canopy will project out another ten inches.
  • 1005 Hemlock Ave – Nian & Stan Porter - South end of property, tree on the bank facing N 10th St.  Tree has died.
  • 1313 N Bayshore - Red Lion – Stephen Miller/Firestone Enterprises - Trees along Ivy, N7th, Hemlock next to building.  Unhealthy, roots lifting sidewalk and foundation, branches rubbing on building and continued maintenance/repair.  Remove large fir tree on north side of building that is starting to raise sidewalk.  Trim other trees for clearance of building.  Trees Inc. says no wire problems.
  • 230 S 2nd St – Santiago Rodriquez – Puerto Vallarta – Tree needs to be trimmed or removed.  Encroaching on building and side walk with the roots.  


5.  Board Member / STAFF Comments

6.  Meeting will adjourn at 1 p.m.