Form Description Keywords
Transient Occupancy Tax Reporting Form PDF - Transient Occupancy Tax Reporting Form transient, tax, form, finance, reporting, occupancy
Vacant Property Registration PDF - Vacant Property Registration form residential, vacant property, foreclosure, registration
Vision Clearance Guidelines PDF - vision clearance, right of way, safety, driveway, street, engineering, requirements, codes, planning
Public Works Permit PDF - Right of way (ROW) use; driveway access, curb cut; sewer connection, cap or repair; site development, grading, fill, excavation permit, public works, right of way, rights-of-way, row, sewer, driveway, curb, codes, building, application, grading, fill, excavation, heavy hauling
Demolition Permit PDF - Application to Demolish Commercial and Residential Structures demolition, residential, commercial, building, permit, application, demolish
Community Development Customer Survey PDF - Brief form for customer comments survey, community development, form, feedback
Banner Display Application PDF - Application to display a banner on city property, including specifications for banners. banner, application, events
Transient Occupancy Tax Registration Form PDF - Registration for transient occupancy tax finance, tax, transient, lodging, room, campground, bed & breakfast, hotel, motel, vacation rental, rv site
Building Permit PDF - Application for building permit, including residential and commercial additions, alterations, and new construction building, permit, construction, planning
Land Use Development Review Application PDF - Application for Planning Review site plan and architectural review, subdivision, appeal and review, legislativetext amendment, planning, land use, development, architectural design review, lot line adjustment, conditional use, partition, variance, vacation, cultural resources, planned unit development, zone change, estuarine useactivities, annexation, planning commission
Business License Home Occupation Application PDF - Application to open a business based in a residence within the city limits business, residential, application, permit, home occupation, fee, license
Vendor Areas Map PDF - Permitted Downtown Vending Areas vendor, area, map, downtown, vending
Scout Cabin Event Map PDF - Scout Cabin at Mingus Park Map scout, cabin, boy, scouts, event, map, mingus park, mingus
Mingus Park Event Maps PDF - Blank Event Maps mingus park, mingus, event, map, park
John Topits Park Event Map PDF - Blank Event Map john, topits, park, adjustment, map, empire, lakes
Central Avenue Event Map PDF - Blank Event Map central, avenue, event, map
Tree Removal Request in Right of Way PDF - Request to remove tree in right-of-way tree, removal, request, right of way, form, public, ROW, Tree Board
Fee Schedule PDF - Fees for General Governmental Operations and Services finance, fee, building, permit, moorage, cost
Land Use Development Review Pre-Application PDF - Pre-Application for Land Use Development in the City of Coos Bay pre-application, pre, application, development, coos bay, planning, land use
Citizen Concern Form PDF - Citizen Concern Form citizen, concern, complaint
W-9 Form PDF - w-9, vendor, form, statement, id
Release Form PDF - Release of Claim release, claim, city council, property, removal, imdemnify
Public Records Request PDF - public, records, request
Defendants Statement Regarding Parking Citation PDF - Statement for defense of parking citation statement
Application For Card Room License or Work Permit PDF - Application for card room license permit, application, codes
Facade Improvement Grant Program PDF - Pre-Application for facade improvement grant program application, grant, facade, improvement, urban renewal agency, planning, design
Moorage Agreement PDF - Agreement for moorage at the City Docks agreement, permit, fee, moorage, boat, dock
Safety Committee By-Laws PDF - By-laws for the Coos Bay Fire and Rescue Safety Committee by-laws, information
Moisture Content Acknowledgement Form PDF - Acknowledgement of Residential Building Moisture requirements, building, notification, residential
Manufactured Building Placement Requirements PDF - Requirements checklist for siting manufactured homes in residential zones requirements, residential, codes, zoning
2008 Oregon Residential Specialty Code Changes PDF - Changes to the Oregon Residential Codes handout, information, codes
Business License Application PDF - Application for starting your own business or renewing your business license. license, application, fee, business
Special Events Safety Regulations PDF - Safety Regulations for Special Events Located in Coos Bay requirements, events, guide
Special Event Permit Application PDF - Application to hold special events on city property or with city services application, permit, events
Sign Permit Application PDF - Application to display a sign permit, fee, application, sign, design, planning
Mingus Park Stage Rules PDF - Rules for use of the Mingus Park stage requirements, guide, handout
Manufactured Building Placement Permit PDF - Permit to place manufactured building permit, fee, application, manufactured, home, residential, mobile home, building
Mechanical Permit Application PDF - Application for Mechanical permit, including commercial and residential application, permit, fee, mechanical, building, residential, commercial
Demolition Bond Waiver PDF - Waiver of Demolition Bond Requirement Form bond, waiver, permit
Accessory Structure Form PDF - Accessory Structure in a Residential Area building, permit, zoning
Animal Control Permit PDF - Application to keep animals requiring a special permit, including poultry, rabbit, pig, goat, sheep, llama, cow and equines permit, chicken, reptile, furbearer, animal control, goat, pig, horse, pony, snake, rabbit, turkey, poultry
Flammable or Combustible Tank Installation Permit Application PDF - Application to install a tank that will contain flammable or combustible material. flammable, combustible, lpg, propane, tank
Residential Barrel Burning Minimum Requirements PDF - Safety requirements regulating residential use of burn barrels including specifications, when, where and what may be burned. requirements, fire, burn, residential, barrel, handout