A Friendly Driving Tip February 14, 2018

Did you know that not just school buses are protected under ORS 811.155, Failing to Stop of Bus Safety Lights? This law was written in a manner that extends protection to all public transportation buses that operate with properly installed and operational “Bus Safety Lights” as defined in ORS 816.260. This means that all drivers operating a vehicle on the public roadway are required to stop and remained stopped for all buses transporting the public and or children when they see their safety lights activated.

In ORS 811.155, the law requires drivers to stop and remain stopped until the red lights are no longer operating.This also means no driver should try and overtake a bus from either direction that is operating red bus safety lights and that the driver of the vehicle should stop before they reach the bus. 

Too often drivers only associate this law with traditional school buses, but in truth, a driver could be subject to a citation for failing to stop for more than just a school bus. ORS 811.155 is currently a Class A violation and could result in a fine of $477.

Public Transport Bus photo