Bay Area Hosting Emergency Response Meetings September 12, 2018

The Bay Area will be hosting multiple emergency response meetings in mid-September. First will be September 17 with the quarterly meeting for the Oregon State Fire Marshals (OSFM) Regional Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Teams (RHMERT). This meeting will be held in the conference room at the Coos Bay Fire Department. On September 18, the Northwest Area Committee will be holding one of three annual meetings at the Mill Casino. These groups are co-locating their meetings due to the close nature of their objectives. 

Coos Bay Fire Department has partnered with OSFM for many years to provide staff for one of 13 regional state hazmat teams. This partnership increases response capabilities to our local region through state funding of training, response, and equipment. The local Hazmat Team work closely with other state teams as well as state-level environmental agencies, clean up companies, and other emergency responders. Coos Bay Fire Department currently has 13 specially trained personnel to respond to any number of Hazardous Materials incidents in our region.

The mission of the Region 10 Regional Response Team (RRT) and the Northwest Area Committee (NWAC) is to protect public health and safety and the environment by ensuring coordinated, efficient, and effective support of the federal, state, tribal, local, and international responses to significant oil and hazardous substance incidents within the Pacific Northwest Region as mandated by the National Contingency Plan (NCP). We are also committed to providing for the development of the NWAC plan and coordination of preparedness activities prior to a pollution incident by addressing regional and international issues and providing guidance to industry, State Emergency Response Commissions, Tribal Emergency Response Commissions, and Local Emergency Planning Committees.