Bird’s Eye View of the Headworks Structure September 27, 2017

The tallest structure at the new Wastewater Treatment Plant in Empire is called the headworks. This structure is key to the complex process of removing inorganic materials.

All the incoming wastewater is pumped to the headworks where gravity takes over and the wastewater flows through equipment to remove solids that don’t break down in the biological treatment process.  Mechanical screens remove cloth fibers from the wastewater and rinse them before they go to a dumpster. The wastewater then flows through vortex grit equipment where it is swirled around to remove heavy particles like sand and rocks. The grit is rinsed and then goes into a dumpster. Once grit is removed, the liquid wastewater leaves the headworks for biological treatment.

The headworks are still under construction, with the upper walls and deck still left to be completed. Upon completion, it will be approximately 35’ in height. Below are pictures that present a bird’s eye view of the structure.

Workers put forms over the rebar to form the concrete channel walls on top of the headworks.


Chutes will carry the washed solids down into the dumpster room for disposal.