Brush Pick-Up April 03, 2017

City of Coos Bay Free Brush Pick-up

Brush must be out prior to May 1st.
• 1 pile per address, no more than 5 feet in length.
• Brush should be next to curb, away from any overhead obstacles, fire hydrants, or other obstructions.
• No materials which are not appropriate for grinding.
No grass clippings, sod, dirt, loose leaves, plastic bags, baling twine, rope, or non-organic materials.
• Pile must not exceed 5 cubic yards. For larger piles, call Les’ Sanitary or Coos Bay Sanitary to make arrangements to pick it up, cost is $11.50 per cubic yard.
Items to put in your pile:
• Brush • Leaves in paper bags
• Tree limbs • Blackberry vines
Brush pick-up is a great time to make sure your property complies with city code by keeping the streets and sidewalks clear and safe.
Coos Bay Municipal Code 8.10.060 states:
• The abutting property owner is responsible for keeping streets and sidewalks clear.
• Trees and bushes must be trimmed so that any overhanging portions are at least eight (8) feet above the sidewalk and at least fourteen (14) feet above the roadway.
• Any dead or decaying tree must be removed if it is a hazard to the public or to persons or property on or near the property.
For more information, call:  
Les’ Sanitary, 541-267-2848
Coos Bay Sanitary, 541-267