City Council Schedules Second Public Hearing on Marijuana Regulations October 14, 2021

The City Council will hold a second public hearing on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at 7 p.m. regarding the City’s land use regulations for Marijuana-related businesses. This is a continuation of the public hearing initiated on October 5, 2021. Current City regulations allow marijuana sales, indoor marijuana grows, and marijuana processing businesses to operate, under restrictions, in the areas of the City zoned for industrial uses. The regulations also allow retail sales of marijuana in the City’s general commercial areas including downtown and the Empire area. All marijuana businesses must comply with state requirements and secure a City Business License. For all marijuana businesses, there are currently restrictions of a 1,000-foot buffer zone between each marijuana business and residential zones and residential uses.

The Planning Commission has provided recommendations to the Council on this matter to eliminate the 1,000-foot buffers and incorporate specific marijuana business related definitions to the City’s regulations reflective of state law. No changes were proposed to modify regulations that would affect new marijuana retailers to set up and operate in commercial areas (Mixed Use, Commercial, and Industrial/Commercial zones) while keeping the requirements that new marijuana growing and/or processing businesses can only locate in the Industrial/Commercial zone.

Those interested in providing comments are welcome to attend the public hearing in person or to submit comments by letter or by email. Letters can be dropped off at Coos Bay City Hall and emails can be sent to