City Regulations Now Require Abandoned Property Registration  March 07, 2019

Throughout Coos Bay, there are over 90 vacant properties that are in disrepair, potentially impacting the community’s health and safety. Identifying a property lender who holds the title after a property is vacated due to foreclosure is difficult; as a result, many properties are unattended and deteriorate.
This week, the City Council adopted regulations requiring vacant properties to be adequately secured and maintained. Upon default of a borrower, the financial institution with a property title will be required to inspect the property to determine vacancy. Registration of the property is also required with the Chief of Police, ongoing maintenance, a monthly inspection by the lender/owner and a large visible sign posted on the property with a direct 24-hour-a-day lender contact name for reporting problems. Fines up to $5,000 can be assessed for failure to comply with the regulations.    
In early April, the City’s new Vacant Property Registration Regulations will go into effect; work is now underway to establish procedures to implement this program.

Questions? Contact Nik Rapelje, the City of Coos Bay's Code Enforcement Officer at or 541-269-1181 x 2267.