Clean Water Is All Part of the Job August 02, 2017

Construction projects can disturb and expose soil. If the soil is not properly contained, it can exit the site and impact our streams and the Bay. For the construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 2, the City’s Engineer and Contractor have carefully considered each stage of construction to minimize sediment and construction pollutants from exiting the site.

For example, when excavation started, dewatering pumps were installed that pumped runoff and groundwater into a Baker tank. The Baker tank allowed the solids to settle and as a result, clean water was discharged. Additionally, silt fences have been installed around the perimeter of the project so that sediment is contained on site. White fabric was also placed along the bank, located west of Marple Street, to hold the soil in place and prevent it from eroding. All job site exits and entrances had extra gravel installed to help remove sediment from vehicle/equipment tires. Offsite of the project, bio-bags are placed by the storm water catch basin inlet, which prevents dirt from washing into the storm drain system. These temporary sediment and erosion control measures help protect our storm drain system and our receiving waters.

Prior to completion of the project, permanent water quality features will be added. The site maintenance road will be built with special rock and the road will become part of the water friendly drainage system. The temporary holding pond on the corner of Fulton Avenue and S. Empire Boulevard will be removed and a bioswale will be installed. The bioswale will have engineered soils and a combination of plantings that will help filter post construction pollutants. 

Should you have any questions or you witness sediment being tracked off site, please contact the City’s Resident Project Representative Jan Kerbo at 541-269-1181, extension 2206. 

Sediment pond photo

Temporary Silt fencing surrounds the sediment pond. Both are used to prevent construction pollutants from entering the storm
water system. The pond will be reconstructed as a permanent storm water bioswale.


Baker Tank photo

Workers stand next to the Baker tank used during the start of construction.


Filter fabric photo

White filter fabric covers the bank to prevent soil erosion


Bio-bags at job site photo

Bio-bags keep silt out of storm drains.