Codes Administrator at Decade Milestone July 31, 2020

The City of Coos Bay recognizes Mike Smith, Building Codes Administrator in the Public Works and Community Development Department, for 10 years of service to the City. Included among Smith’s responsibilities are managing the building permitting, building plan review, and building inspection programs. He also manages the substandard and dangerous building program.

When Smith started his service with the City on August 2, 2010, he already had over 25 years of municipal work experience. During his time with the City, Smith has reviewed and issued several hundred plans and permit applications. He is responsible for ensuring that new construction meets building codes. When built structures comply with building codes, occupants have more protection from fire and other safety hazards. Smith is dedicated to providing thorough implementation of the building code to ensure that new and remodeled residences, businesses, and industry provide citizens and visitors of Coos Bay safe homes and businesses. Please join the City in congratulating and thanking Mike Smith for his decade of service to the Coos Bay Public Works and Community Development Department, the City of Coos Bay, along with citizens and visitors of Coos Bay!