Construction Plans for Pump Station June 19, 2017

Pump Station capacity upgrades

Due to the City's undulating topography, the sanitary sewer system cannot be comprised entirely of gravity lines. The City uses pump stations (also known as lift stations)  to pump sewer from lower lying areas to higher areas where they can tie into the gravity system. In total, the City has 23 sanitary sewer and three storm sewer pump stations. The City’s largest pump station is located at the southwest corner of Birch Avenue and Front Street. This pump station was originally constructed in 1951 with an update in 1989. This pump station has been under construction since fall of 2016. These upgrades and improvements will provide additional capacity for future growth, increase the pumping system reliability and replace outdated and limited-availability parts and equipment. The construction of the pump station will be finalized at the end of this summer. Upon completion, the project will also incorporate fencing and landscaping. The pump station is anticipated to have a 20-year life before another upgrade is necessary.

Pump station photo