Construction Site Safety is Always a Top Priority May 15, 2018

The construction industry is made up of many crafts with different talents and as with any industry, the diversity of talent is what creates a talented team. Along with great skills, there is a collaborative effort to stay safe and ensure that their friends and co-workers go home safely each day. While mistakes can happen in all industries of work, construction mishaps can cost lives. To prevent fatal catastrophes, construction companies make safety a top priority in their everyday work. Many companies have daily, weekly, and monthly safety meetings.

Last week was National Safety Week, so in addition to the routine safety meetings, the Mortenson team and other subcontractors on the new Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 2 had special safety trainings throughout the week. The week started off with a fire extinguisher training, electrical safety session, trench safety, dustless concrete tools demonstration, and ended with a safety lunch to celebrate the completed safety week. These demonstrations and safety talks help people work safely and to be cognizant of potential safety issues. Staying safe on and near a construction site is very important for all. 

Safety Training for workers to use dustless concrete tools.