Directional Drilling Under Ocean Boulevard October 10, 2018

Earlier this year, the City was notified of a problem with water ponding on private property near the intersection of Vine Avenue and Ocean Boulevard. The City’s Operations Crew observed the ponding and immediately started pumping the water. After the site was manageable and the water levels had receded, further investigation determined that the storm line that is aligned under Ocean Boulevard was severely damaged and not functioning properly. Due to the severity of the damage, it was deemed an emergency project. An expedited design process along with environmental permitting commenced. The design phase and environmental permitting was completed this summer and bids were advertised.

Currently, construction is in process and the directional drilling is underway. The contractor drilled a pilot hole to ensure there were no obstructions in the way for the final drilling. The pilot drilling was a success and the Contractor has started the final drilling. During the drilling process the pipe was installed. This new 24-inch line will help convey the stormwater to the appropriate area instead of ponding.

 Below is a photo of the drilling equipment used for this construction project.