Economic Development Momentum Continues July 23, 2021

I am excited and encouraged by businesses opening in Coos Bay, the reinvestments in some of the older buildings in the area and plans to construct new buildings. 

Several businesses are relocating to the new Coos Bay Village development including Checkerberry’s Flowers and Gifts, Barret Business Services, Inc. (BBSI), AT&T, and the Seven Devils’ Brewing Company’s new Waterfront Alehouse. More will be coming as additional buildings are built completed.

Several building improvement projects are in progress including the Tioga Hotel, Koski Building, Old City Hall, Pacific School of Dance, Tower Ford’s Auto Shop, Outdoor-In, and others.  Additional building improvement projects are in the planning and permitting stages.

There are additional new developments currently going through the land use and or building permitting process. Those include a new branch of Interstate Bank (Bayshore Ave. and Koosbay Blvd.), a couple of new fast-food restaurants, (Taco Bell at Newmark Ave. and Norman St. and Arby’s near Walmart) and a new gymnasium at the Salvation Army facility in Empire.  

-Joe Benetti, Mayor of Coos Bay