Emergency Sewer Repair on South Tenth Street March 07, 2018

Last month the City was notified of a problem on South Tenth Street. After further investigation, it was determined that the sewer main between Ingersoll and Johnson is in bad condition, causing substandard surface conditions. This section of pipeline was not identified in the City’s Master Plan, as such these results are identified as an emergency.

While the City has deemed this as an emergency project and a repair must be made, it is still in the best interest of this project to undergo an expedited design process. Completion of the design phase of the project will be bid upon this spring and constructed this summer. Currently, City staff are working with homeowners to determine where their private laterals connect to this mainline. This investigation is done through dye and smoke testing. The result of this testing will streamline the design and bid process for a cost-effective and efficient timeline for the line replacement. Additional details will be published as this project develops.