Empire Pipeline Construction October 05, 2017

Construction at the new City of Coos Bay wastewater plant in Empire is progressing. Along with the construction of the plant, the project involves installation of a pipeline along several local streets and portions of Ocean Boulevard. The majority of the pipeline will be installed utilizing a method of construction called directional drilling. The directional drilling will involve boring the pipe as opposed to conventional trench construction. This type of construction will minimize impacts to the roads and traffic.  

The directional drilling will commence on Monday, October 9 and it will start near the Plant 2 project at the intersection of Fulton and South Marple Avenue. From that location, the project will move in a westerly direction along the route identified below.  Through traffic will be maintained during construction with cones and flaggers used as needed to help the public proceed safely. It is anticipated that it will take approximately two months to install the pipe.  

Questions may be addressed to the City’s Project Manager Jan Kerbo at 541-269-1181, extension 2206.