Evaluation of DBWT North Spit Proposal May 15, 2015

This City has been working on the expansion and upgrade project for the Empire Wastewater Treatment Plant (Plant 2).  The City has completed facility planning, amendments to the facility plan, value analysis, pre-design and 100% final design plans.  Currently, the City is processing the environmental reports through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). It is anticipated that environmental and loan approvals will occur March 2016 and construction will commence in Spring 2016.  Recently, the City has received a proposal from Mr. Beetham of DB Western Texas (DBWT) that consists of abandoning the Wastewater Plant 2 Expansion and Upgrade project and move forward with constructing a treatment plant on the North Spit with an ocean outfall. Updated 2/17/16

There are several key issues that have been discussed in DBWT’s proposal and then further discussed and evaluated in the following document: Evaluation of DBWT Proposal for North Spit Treatment Plant