Fire Department Internship Program Increases Volunteers October 04, 2017

Internship PHotos

Coos Bay Fire Department has a very special program that they have been undertaking for several years now, it is called a Resident Intern Firefighter Program. This is a program that helps to increase our volunteer numbers for the majority of the year while providing education to college students pursuing a career in the fire science or Paramedicine program at Southwestern Oregon Community College. Currently, the Department has eight interns in the program, two returning interns, and six new interns.

Brandon Amaral is currently a third-year intern with Coos Bay. He is a graduate of Grants Pass High School and currently resides at the Empire Fire Station. Amaral just completed his degree in Paramedicine and successfully passed the State and National testing to become licensed as a Paramedic. This year, Amaral will be finishing up his Fire Science degree.

Zach Breitkreutz is starting his second year with Coos Bay and is a Coquille High School graduate. He is currently working towards his Associate's degree in Fire Science and resides at the Empire Station. Breitkreutz has spent the last two summers working for Coos Forest Protective Association as a wildland firefighter.  

Although the other six interns are all new to the program, two of them are not new to the department. Jacob Attebery and Tessa King were both with the department for almost a year before making the plunge in becoming an intern. Both are working towards dual degrees in Fire Science and Paramedicine.  

Two of our new interns are locals! Tyler Brown and Nick Holder are both North Bend High School graduates. Both Brown and Holder will be pursuing their Associate's degrees at SWOCC while serving their communities. 

Our final two interns had to travel across state lines to get here. Josh Mendoza comes to us from Southern California. Mendoza had a little influence in coming to Coos Bay because of his aunt was a prior Intern just over 10 years ago. Daren Tolan is our other intern from out of state, coming from Boise, Idaho. Tolan has already completed his training as an Emergency Medical Technician and is working on getting his EMT license switched over to Oregon. 

The Department is very excited for this year and has been deeply invested in making these students successful in their career goals of firefighting and emergency medicine. All of the interns have just completed a month-long training academy to help prepare them to fight fires. Our new interns have worked very hard to become Entry Level Firefighters and will continue their training over the next couple months to complete the standards and requirements to become certified as Firefighter 1. 

All of our interns have been assigned to one of three shifts and will work side by side with career firefighters learning the job and experiencing what it is to be a firefighter and first responder. Our interns also help out with numerous events throughout the City. In just the short time they have been here, they have helped with trash pickup on Ocean Boulevard, assisted with traffic control during the Prefontaine run, and helped out during the Get Ready Coos Bay event. The next event they will be jumping into will be the Fire Prevention Open House on October 11, 2017.