Good Things Happening July 02, 2020

One of the City Council’s priorities includes stewardship of the City’s established goals. One of these goals is to develop ongoing maintenance and improvement of the City’s Wastewater System. The other is to improve the condition of City streets from potholes to sidewalks, which is no small task.   

As your Mayor, I am happy to share with you that there are several good projects happening in the City of Coos Bay that support these goals. 

On June 19, the Coos Bay City Council awarded a $632,390 contract to Knife River Materials to complete street repair and overlay projects throughout the City. The repairs and overlays are for 10 different sections of streets in different areas of Coos Bay. Funding for these repair projects come from the Transportation Utility Fee (TUF) which citizens pay on their water bill. Work has already commenced with excellent results.

City staff recently ground out the asphalt along Koosbay Boulevard from Teakwood Avenue to the City limits. The contractor followed behind them with a new asphalt driving surface. Photo below provides a before (left) and after (right) views.

Work has been completed at N. Tenth and Underwood where streets in extremely poor condition have been rehabilitated.

Other street repairs that are earmarked for completion this month using funds from the TUF include repairs to portions of S. Eleventh, Park Avenue, Nineteenth Street, Merchant Street, I Street, N. Marple, and Kentucky Avenue.

Additional transportation related projects are underway in Eastside and the Downtown area. Our contractor is making great progress on constructing sidewalks and pedestrian safety improvements in Eastside. The new improvements will be along Sixth Avenue, D Street, and Second Avenue. Work in Downtown related to Fourth Street from Commercial Avenue to Donnelly Avenue will start in this month.  This project will provide enhanced pedestrian and traffic safety features including replacement of traffic signals on Fourth Street at Commercial Avenue and at Anderson Avenue.

Several storm and sewer line replacement projects are scheduled to occur throughout the City this summer. On Tuesday July 7, Council will consider awarding the contract for the first of these projects - sewer and storm lines on S. Cammann Street between Fulton and Webster avenues along with sanitary sewer line on S. Wall Street between Pacific and Webster avenues.

Another good thing happening in our community involves Pirate Park on Tenth Street. This last year, Marshfield High School Key Club members raised money for two game board picnic tables to be placed in the park. The school’s advanced carpentry students began the equipment installation but were held up when the school and park were closed due to the Coronavirus. I am pleased to report that equipment is once again being installed at the park. One table is standard with four seats and the other table has three seats to meet ADA requirements. MHS Key Club members worked hard to raise funds and install these tables for the public to enjoy.

It’s exciting to see all these good things happening that enhance the life of our citizens and visitors.

-Joe Benetti, Mayor of Coos Bay