Kevin Cunningham Promoted to Fire Lieutenant December 12, 2018

Last week, the Coos Bay Fire Department conducted an assessment process in order to promote one Firefighter/Engineer from the department to the rank of Lieutenant.

A fire department Lieutenant is a company officer position that supervises personnel assigned to a resource. In Coos Bay, the fire department uses a Lieutenant to oversee the staff and daily operations from the fire station on S. Wall St. in the Empire area. The Lieutenant also helps the Battalion Chief with project management, training, and emergency response. 

There were six candidates who met the minimum requirements and participated in the rigorous testing process. Each candidate completed an essay, a written test, an incident management simulation, presented a project to a small group, and then interviewed by both a panel of local business leaders and fire service officers. Each of the six participating candidates were able to impress the team of evaluators. The Department is fortunate to have such a talented pool of officer candidates.

Based on the results of the process and leadership potential, the Fire Chief has offered Kevin Cunningham the Lieutenant position. His appointment will officially begin on January 1, 2019.

Cunningham has been a Firefighter/Engineer with Coos Bay for 16 years. He has a bachelor’s degree from Adams State College, EMT Intermediate license, Fire Officer 2 Certification and is an active member of the Regional Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team. Cunningham is the coordinator of the Department’s Physical Fitness and Vehicle Maintenance Programs.

Cunningham was a six-time NAIA College Track and Field All-American and National High-Jump Champion. He has been a Track and Field coach for North Bend High School for the past nine years. Cunningham and his wife Delicia (Dee) have five children.

The Coos Bay Fire Department is excited about Cunningham joining the leadership team and staff is confident that his positive attitude, energy, and work ethic will continue to be beneficial to the development of the Department. 

The Coos Bay Fire Department will be hosting a Promotion Ceremony for Cunningham on January 2, 2019.