Maintenace Closes Mingus Pool for a Week August 14, 2019

Mingus Park Pool is closed this week for annual maintenance. Staff and contractors are focusing on replacing the roof of the Pool House, addressing flooring issues inside the Pool House and taking the opportunity to fix some failed asphalt sections in the parking lot. The pool should be open on or near August 19. 

Pool History

  • The Mingus Park pool and pool house was originally built in 1948.
  • In 1998, the pool was updated by the generosity Vera Richter.
  • In 1999, the Mingus Park Pool Bath House was rebuilt from general obligation bonds approved by the voters.  

Mingus Pool Facts

While the pool and the pool house is a publicly owned facility, it is operated and managed by a non-profit called Mingus Park Pool Management.

The pool is 25 yards by 45 feet, 6 lanes, 3.5-8 feet in depth and is heated to between 81 and 83 degrees F (27-28 C).

Except for annual maintenance, the pool is open year-round for different types of swimming, including a wonderful Lap Swim Program, summer programs for children's swimming lessons, and for families to have fun together. 

Mingus Park Pool is also the aquatic center for Marshfield High School's swim team and the Gold Coast swim team. For more information on the pool go to, or call 541-267-1360.