Market Street Project to Correct Sunken Grade February 14, 2018

Market Street Project to Correct Sunken Grade

City staff has been monitoring Market Avenue’s sidewalk and road for several months due to a six-inch sunken grade. The settling is at or near Second Street and Market Avenue. The reason for the sunken grade is related to (2) two old coal chutes which were not appropriately decommissioned within the right-of-way (ROW). The coal chutes were not backfilled properly under the sidewalk, which eroded the sidewalk bedding and eventually caused the road to erode.

To correct the problem, the sidewalk was removed to expose coal chutes, so they could be back-filled. The contractor is now forming curb and gutter, backfilling the chutes, and preparing the site for a new sidewalk. This project should be completed in the next two weeks, depending on weather conditions.