MHS Campus Makeover Wraps Up May 24, 2022

The Marshfield High School Key Club has completed the  Marshfield campus makeover. This project started on the north side area in front of the attendance office in October 2020. Key Club members and volunteers finished that area mid-December of 2020. February 2021, the Watershed Association including Alexa Carleton and crew donated native plants and concrete blocks to the south side area. In February 2022, the Key Club started making over the main lawn area. During this project, we also had help from the National Honor Society and Science National Honor Society members. Each Friday from 1:30-3:00 was a campus workday. The project was completed May 20, 2022.

MHS Key Club would like to thank our eight sponsors for their donation to the benches. These benches would not have been possible without their generous support. Mary Paczesniak and family; Candace King McGowne and family; Patty Mannila Patnode and Kathy Mannila Erickson; Nancy Tedder and family; Jessica Decker Spann and family; Melanie Simpson (in loving memory of her brother); Anna Brands Schep and family; and Gib's RV Superstore-Lisa Larkin. Thank you to Knife River for donating four yads of concrete and Bob Rhodes for donating your time finishing the concrete work. Rex Miller for donating four yard of fir bark much and Blair Haynes for giving us such a great deal on plants from your nursery. Sam Spann for assisting on the last day. A special thank you to Brad Gulseth for being at every workday and assisting the members. And a special THANK YOU to all the Marshfield Key Club members and other club members for  persevering to the very end. Key Club's motto: "Caring-Our Way of Life."