Mingus Park Benefits from Great Volunteers October 09, 2019

Coos Bay is very fortunate to have a great network of volunteers who make their community a better place to live. Efforts at Mingus Park Pool is a great example of impact made by volunteer citizens' in action. 
Throughout this summer, the older Gold Coast Swim Team members donated approximately 144 hours of their time to teach free swim lessons. There were 459 children from our community that participated. The Mingus Park Pool management group would like to thank the following instructors and assistants:

Anna Hutchins
Josh Olson
A.J. Kliewer
Paige Kirchner
Sarah Perry
Aina Weaver
Kally Haynes
Nyssa Haynes
Robert Kliewer
Marcus Kliewer

We are also very lucky to have pool patrons who volunteer not only to help with the big projects but to also help with the small things such as cleaning gutters, wrapping the tarp rollers, or donating items for our swimmers to use. At the end of the summer season, the Mingus Park Pool Management Group put out the call for volunteer help to paint the pool house. Doug Miles, Mike Schaefer, and their crew donated their skill as painters to help the other pool volunteers to paint the pool house. The main painting of the building took place over three days and spruced up the exterior of the building. The Mingus Park Pool Management Group would like to extend their thanks to the volunteers and to the City for their help in providing some equipment and purchasing the paint:

City of Coos Bay
Doug Miles and Crew
Mike Schaefer
Robert Lounsberry
Jamie Fereday
Margie Ryan
Bruce Moore
Barb King
Doug Eberlein
Jayna Tomac
Kathe McNutt
Helen Dietz