Mingus Park Nears 100 Years Old, Heads Towards Major Renovation April 02, 2021

We are fortunate to have several public parks in our community. The City of Coos Bay has just under 196.1 acres of park land, both developed andundeveloped. The second largest park in Coos Bay is Mingus Park.

It’s hard to believe that Mingus Park is nearly a hundred years old. The land for Mingus Park was acquired through donations from the Perham Park Company and Joseph F. Williams in 1925. Additional land was purchased in later years. While the park was originally called Marshfield City Park, in 1937 the Parks Commission passed a resolution changing the name to Mingus Park in honor of local resident Dr. Everett Mingus, who was instrumental in the park's development.
Mingus Park offers a wide range of recreation experiences including wooded natural areas, a ball field, tennis courts, skate park, pool, playgrounds, picnic areas, outdoor stage/entertainment area, pond frontage, and an extensive network of trails. While there have been upgrades undertaken over the years, it has never undergone a major capital renovation since its development.

In 2013, through a Parks Master Planning process, the Parks Commission identified a number of needed improvements. Those improvements included:

  • rehab tennis courts off of West Park Road
  • dredging Mingus Pond
  • updating all park building structures
  • updating playground equipment
  • resurface asphalt trail
  • install fishing pier
  • install wetland bioswale
  • Resurface parking lots
  • install ballfield drainage system
  • install a park kiosk

Undertaking such capital improvements requires securing a funding source(s), conducting engineering and design, securing the necessary environmental permitting, selecting contractors, etc.  Projects of this scope generally take several years to achieve.   

To accomplish the dredging project, City staff identified a potential grant from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to pay for the dredging of the pond and providing improvements around the pond including fishing piers, enhancing the trails, and removing environmental issues. An Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) grant was also identified as a potential funding source for replacing amenities at the south end of Mingus Park. The proposed amenities replacement  for the project includes new restrooms, playground equipment, pavilion, pathways, and wetland mitigation, along with a new water feature. 

In preparation for applying for the grants, the City engaged ZCS Engineering in late 2019 to assist with design and environmental permitting. The necessary engineering and design, as well as the permitting have been completed.  Below you will find concept designs which was recently completed by ZCS. 

-Joe Benetti, Mayor of Coos Bay