Mingus Park Sewer Replacement Project February 28, 2018

The City has identified approximately 2,000 feet of sanitary sewer in the Mingus Park area as the next Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) reduction project. See map below for limits of the project.  

DEFINITION: What is Inflow and Infiltration (I & I)?  I & I are terms used to describe the ways that groundwater and stormwater enter into sanitary sewer systems through deficiencies in the pipe or illegal cross connections.  Increased I & I reduce the life expectancy of sewer pipes and increase sewer treatment costs. 

The sanitary sewer being replaced was originally constructed in the 1950s and has served its useful life. Currently, this project is still in the design phase and it is anticipated advertising request for project bids take place in April. Due to the potential rainfall and the high groundwater this area experiences, this project will be constructed during the summer months. There will be portions of the park closed during construction due to safety concerns.

The City understands that this construction project may create some inconveniences and wants to assure the public that we are committed to finding ways to minimize disruptions. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments the City would very much like to coordinate with you. For further discussion, please contact Greg Hamblet at 541-269-1181, extension 2249.