Neighborhood Watch Group Looking for Community Hosts July 18, 2018

The Neighborhood Watch Advisory Board, a group of representatives from several Neighborhood Watch groups which collaborates with the local Chief of Police in an effort to foster safer neighborhoods, wants to encourage people to start a Neighborhood Watch program in their respective neighborhoods. A strong Neighborhood Watch will help make our local communities a safe place for our families, contribute to the protection of our property, and improve our home and property values by creating safe pleasant neighborhoods to live in and a network of friendly vibrant communities that you will be proud of and so much more.

A representative from Neighborhood Watch Advisory Board will help you get a Neighborhood Watch started by sharing our Secrets to Success Stories and how you also can host a small successful neighborhood picnic event by joining the “National Night Out” celebration of Neighborhood Watch groups being held on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 in your own local neighborhoods. We are looking for volunteers to plan and host a National Night Out picnic event at local parks, in private yards, or have a block party on a city street!  It will be a wonderful way to meet and greet your neighbors and have some fun together. 

Plus, we have a limited quantity of food vendors from the Coos Bay Farmer’s Market who have offered to cater food for your National Night Out event if you are willing to host one.  You can sign up at the Farmer’s Market every Wednesday where the Neighborhood Watch Advisory Board has a booth there to raise awareness for the need of a Neighborhood Watch.

Lastly, a strong Neighborhood Watch program will make great community partners with your city officials and police departments. They are always more receptive to helping to clean-up our neighborhoods if citizens are helping o clean them up too.

For information about how a strong watch group can impact your neighborhood, or to sign up to be a host, please call Mrs. Bear at (541) 290-5809 or by email: