New Name for Rejuvenated Local Park July 18, 2018

The City park located at South Tenth Street and Johnson Avenue, formerly known as the Optimists Park and/or the Tenth Street Park was officially renamed as the Marshfield Key Club-Pirate Park by the City Council on July 17, 2018.

Since 2002, the City park has been known as Optimists Park; however, active stewardship has been lacking and the grounds have since decayed from the weather, drainage problems, and vandalism. This small “pocket” park has lost much of its aesthetic appeal and usability over the years. MHS Key Club Advisor Stacey Gulseth had noticed the small park back in 2005 when she first began working at the high school as an educational assistant. Located just a couple of blocks from MHS, its dilapidated basketball court and chipped swings resembled more of a gloomy eyesore than an inviting playground.

During the 2016-2017 school year, Stacy moved into the position of Key Club Advisor. Her position description included assisting the newly revived Key Club to undertake meaningful community service projects. Remembering the woeful condition of the neighborhood park, Stacy lead the Key Club students on the short walk down from the high school on Tenth Street. After looking at the condition of the playground, the students were moved to come up with alternatives that could improve the space. The Key Club members understood the importance of children having access to a safe, outdoor playground, and they became motivated at the prospect of adopting the park at a long-term project.

In 2017, the Key Club adopted the distressed Tenth Street Park from the City of Coos Bay. Their goal was to transform the dilapidated playground into an accessible and attractive place for children and families to enjoy. The Key Club students, under the leadership and supervision of Gulseth, organized a myriad of local fundraising events including can/bottle drives, car washes, proceeds from working school concessions, garage sales, a Parent’s Night Out event, delivering Candy Cane Grams and Valentine Grams, as well as seeking local donations and grants. With the funds raised and grants obtained, the park has new playground equipment, new fall protection, a playground border, new park benches, and it will soon have a new basketball court.

After the Council unanimously approved the new name of the park, Mayor Benetti presented the “Mayor's Appreciation Award" to Stacy Gulseth in an effort to formally recognize her for leadership and supervision in the renovation of the park now known as Marshfield Key Club-Pirate Park.  

PHOTOS (Top to bottom):

Tenth Street Park before Key Club renovation efforts.

The Park after countless hours of volunteer time, donations, and grants make new equipment possible. 

Marshfield Key Club Advisor Stacey Gulseth is recognized by Mayor Benetti for her leadership in the student club and dedication to making a meaningful change in the community.