New Owners Bring Life to Stalled Building August 11, 2022

As you enter the downtown corridor, you may have noticed some exciting upgrades occurring at 625 N. Broadway Street. This future location of Morgan Veterinary Hospital is being prepped for opening later this fall with new asphalt surfaces, curbing, landscaping, repainting the exterior, and completing the interior of the building. Many may remember this location as the former home of King’s Table restaurant during the late 1980s and into early 1990s. After the restaurant closure, the building was removed by new property owners. Another building was constructed with plans to relocate a local radio station along with another business. However, the redevelopment stalled for several years. The recent sale of the building and purchase by the owners of Morgan Veterinary Hospital has brought new life to this property.

With property improvements such as this along with many others through Coos Bay, our community is transforming right before our eyes. I am continually reminded to be thankful for the community we live in, as there are so many members working every day to make Coos Bay great.

-Joe Benetti, Mayor of Coos Bay