Offer Assistance and Thanks During Uncertain Times September 12, 2020

In a time when so many things are being thrown at us all at once, it’s easy to lose track on what matters. We are currently in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic which continues to threaten our lives and safety, the uncertainty of economic challenges we are all facing, experiencing changes to how our children are being educated, and now, wildfires destroying communities throughout the Northwest. It could lead one to feel dazed and confused. But, this is the time to stay focused on values – family, friends, and community.

I encourage you to reach out to loved ones to see how they are doing and offer assistance. Contact local social service agencies for volunteer opportunities or to make a donation of essential goods. Educate yourself on ways to be prepared for an emergency. Thank someone for the service they provide, such as an educator for continually adapting their teaching methods or a business for supplying goods to us on a daily basis. Share your gratefulness with medical personnel who sacrifice their safety for us. Let your local police officers and firefighters know you appreciate their protection during our times need. Most importantly, please remember: We are all in this together. Together, this community will persevere through the challenges we face.

-Joe Benetti, Mayor of Coos Bay