Pavement Plan for Empire Urban Renewal District August 07, 2019

One of City Council's goals is to improve the City's street infrastructure. In an effort to help fund the necessary improvements, the Council chose to undertake up to $2.8M in Capital Road Improvement Project in the Empire Urban Renewal Agency (URA) District. The Council approved an amendment to the Empire Urban Renewal Plan last year and they recently authorized bond financing to fund the project. Staff completed a request for proposal process for rebuilding and overlaying several streets within the Empire Urban Renewal District.

On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, the Coos Bay City Council, acting as the Urban Renewal Agency, authorized contracting with Knife River to perform the work for $1,206,415. The map below shows the streets identified for rebuilding and overlay. Work is expected to commence on around August 19. Additional streets in the Empire Urban Renewal District will be addressed with the remaining bond funds in the summer of 2020.