Potential for Icy Roads January 04, 2017

Tonight (January 4th) through tomorrow morning (January 5th), temperatures are forecasted to be below freezing.  The low temperatures combined with the existing moisture conditions will result in icy road surfaces.  The City advises drivers to stay off the roads if at all possible.  If you must drive during icy conditions, do so with the proper traction devices installed.

The City has limited resources available for dealing with widespread icy road conditions.  Oregon Department of Transportation will assist City forces in the application of sand to City streets.  Sanding will be limited to arterial and collector street corridors.

ODOT will sand:

  • Coos River Hwy (City limits to 6th Ave)
  • Koosbay Blvd (N Bayshore to Thompson)
  • Ocean Blvd (Central to Newmark)
  • Lakeshore Drive (City limits to Fenwick)

City staff plans to sand residential intersections abutting collectors and arterial roads.  

City Hall will be open, but with limited staffing and services depending upon staff’s ability to reach City Hall.