Racist Graffiti Has No Place In Our Community June 25, 2020

Coos Bay has had several incidents of disturbing and racist graffiti in the past six weeks. Unknown individuals have tagged both public and private property with hateful phrases and symbols which have no place in our community. The graffiti on City property was removed as soon as staff was made aware of it. Unfortunately, some racist graffiti on a privately owned fence in Empire recently remained for several days before a concerned neighbor removed it. Coos Bay Police are working to identify the persons responsible for these crimes. Please contact the Police Department at 541-269-8911 if you have information about the persons behind these incidents.

If you see application of graffiti or acts of vandalism in progress, please dial the Police Department and provide as much information as possible about the suspect and location. If you see graffiti in the City, please report it. The dispatcher will ask where the graffiti is located, when it occurred or first discovered, what the graffiti contains (words, drawings, colors), and a description of any suspects you may have seen. Take photos if you can do so safely.
In last week’s Friday Update, Mayor Benetti supported Councilor Miles' statement that “racism, hate, and bigotry have no place in our community...We should always insist on an inclusive culture, where all forms of diversity are valued and respected. Many of the greatest ideas and solutions come from a diverse set of minds, backgrounds and experiences, working and playing together.”
Graffiti, especially derogatory, racist statements, and symbols, are contrary to the inclusive and diverse community that we value. Coos Bay Police Department and City staff need your help to identify the persons responsible.