Responses Provide Great Encouragement August 07, 2020

I so appreciate everyone who has responded to our online community dialogue. If you’ve not had the opportunity to share your thoughts and would like to do so, I invite you to visit the City of Coos Bay website and read the Friday Update from July 31, 2020 to learn more.
As the City Council read each response, we did so with an open mind for how the community felt impacted by events, both current and historic. The overwhelming sentiment was a sense of love and respect for our neighbors throughout Coos Bay, which gave us a great deal of encouragement. Many shared support for the Black Lives Matter movement, City-wide diversity training, and the continued commitment to honoring the legacy of Alonzo Tucker. We also saw questions about graffiti and crime, policing, budgets and those experiencing homelessness.
We are committed to addressing each of these concerns. In the coming weeks, we will meet internally and with key partners in the community to identify next steps in addressing the feedback we’ve received.

-Joe Benetti, Mayor of Coos Bay