Review of Summer -Fall 2018 Project List November 27, 2018

This past summer and fall were very busy for the Engineering Division at the City. Projects were completed during this year’s construction season:

  • Mingus Park Sewer Replacement
  • Eighth Terrace Sewer Replacement
  • N. Cammann Sewer Replacement and Road Construction
  • S. Tenth Street Sewer Replacement
  • Marple Street Sewer Installation
  • Birch and Front Storm Drain Replacement
  • Newmark Ave. Storm Drain Replacement
  • Ocean and Vine Ave. Storm Culvert Replacement
  • H & F & Ninth Ave. Road Construction
  • New Wastewater Treatment Plant No 2

These projects comprise of 2,720 feet of Sewer Replacement, 985 feet of Storm Drain Replacement, and 1,795 feet of New Road Construction. The City is currently underway with Design projects for next year’s construction season.