ROW Utility Work June 12, 2018

As we head into better weather, work picks up and City staff try to keep up. We are noticing increasing activity in the Public Right-of-Way (ROW). We’d like to take a moment for a quick reminder about guidelines and procedures for ROW.

By working in the ROW, there is potential risk affecting pedestrians and/or motorists. Public ROW is regulated by the City’s Municipal Code that is found on our website,, under the pull-down tab ‘Government.’  All work in the ROW requires a permit. Please submit a detailed description of proposed work with start-up and completion dates and sketch or plat drawing. Included with the permit application will be a Traffic Control Plan (TCP), and if the work impacts pedestrians, you’ll need to provide a Sidewalk Closure Plan (SCP). The turnaround time for review is approximately 24-hrs. and/or up to five (5) business days. We notify electronically, so please include an email address along with a direct phone number.

All utility franchises are required to submit a list of all sub-contractors used with their contact information. We are required to verify that they are working with a current license. We appreciate your attention by assisting the City of Coos Bay with public safety.